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Banarasi Polli. All the right reserved. Developed by Online-Dhaka IT. Map of Uttara Thana. Map of Uttar Khan Thana. Map of Turag Thana. Map of Tejgaon Thana. Map of Sutrapur Thana. Map of Shyamoli Thana. Map of Sher-E-Bangla Thana. Map of Shampur Thana. Map of Shaha Ali Thana. Map of Sabujbag Thana. Map of Rampura Thana. Map of Ramna Thana. Map of Paltan Thana. Map of Pallabi Thana. Map of New Market. Map of Motijheel Thana.

Map of Mohammadpur Thana. Map of MIrpur Thana. Map of Lalbag Thana. Map of Kotwali Thana. Map of Khilkhet. Map of Khilgaon Thana.As per the first 2 digits of this Indian postal code, pin code belongs to post circle Bihar.

Last 3 digits of the code are assigned to the Amawa Branch Post Office. Amawa B. O pin code officially comes under East Champaran division, and Muzaffarpur region. Last 3 digits of the code are assigned to the Athmohan Branch Post Office. Athmohan B. Each taluk has a six digit postal index number like the rest of the nation.

The table alongside provides pin code details of Dhaka, Bihar. You can now easily search here without any pop us or registration process. One can refine the search by selecting the post office branch list from drop down to get complete information about zip codes. It saves time and energy. We took sincere efforts to provide you the valid pin numbers of the Dhaka. Feel free to report any error or share your feedback at inpincode gmail.

Mohamad B. It is not possible to remember pin codes of Dhaka. This finder will provide postal codes or India zip codes of different talukas in just few seconds. We need postal pin codes for various reasons like free home delivery, speed post or to locate an atm wherein we are required to fill the postal address so that mail is delivered correctly. Search and find Dhaka pin code list using pin code search engine of pincodein.

One must write postal code of Dhaka correctly so that duplication of names is avoided and courier is received correctly. Get pin code of Dhaka by entering name in the pin code finder box. You input the state name, district name and then taluka name in the drop down list provided to get the Dhaka pin codes. You can further refine your search by selecting the corresponding post office list to find the pin numbers information from the directory.

Postal Zip Codes (postcode) for Dhaka District

Taluka wise pin code information forms one major part of Indian postal code system. You want to send an important parcel and you are not aware of the postal index numbers. These codes make the delivery of letters and important mails easier. The zip code of India provides a unique identification to the particular taluka of district. One can search for Dhaka pin codes and also various areas using pin code locator. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Let Others Know.

Dhaka District Post Code List

O Athmohan B.Find your Postal codes below list. Find your Postal codes below list District. Dhaka Cantt. Dhaka CantonmentTSO. Jigatala TSO. Gulshan Model Town. Banani TSO.

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Dhania TSO. Dhaka Jute Mills. Posta TSO. Mirpur TSO. Mohammadpur Housing. Sangsad BhabanTSO. New market. New Market TSO. Dhaka GPO. Shantinagr TSO. Basabo TSO. Dairy Farm. Jahangirnagar Univer. Saver P. Savar Canttonment. Kashem Cotton Mills. Amin Bazar.

Dhaka Sadar HO. Wari TSO. Gendaria TSO. Tejgaon TSO. Tejgaon Industrial Area.

dhaka district code

Dhaka Politechnic. Mymensingh Sadar. Agriculture Universi. Ram Amritaganj. Kishoreganj Sadar.It is a part of the Dhaka Division. Dhakathe capital of Bangladesh, rests on the eastern banks of the Buriganga River which flows from the Turag to the south of the district. While Dhaka city corporation occupies only about a fifth of the area of Dhaka district, it is the economic, political and cultural centre of the district and the country as a whole.

Dhaka District is an administrative entity, and like many other cities, it does not cover the modern conurbation which is Greater Dhakawhich has spilled into neighbouring districts, nor does the conurbation cover the whole district, as there are rural areas within the district.

The administrative Dhaka District was first established in The present day Savar was the capital of the Sanbagh Kingdom during seventh and eighth century.

dhaka district code

The city area of Dhaka was ruled by the Buddhist kingdom of Kamarupa and the Pala Empire before passing to the control of the Hindu Sena dynasty in the 9th century. Many believe that the name of the city was derived after the establishment of the Goddess Dhakeshwari 's temple by Ballal Sena in the 12th century.

Dhaka and its surrounding area was identified as Bengalla around that period. After the Sena dynasty, Dhaka was successively ruled by the Turkish and Afghan governors descending from the Delhi Sultanate before the arrival of the Mughals in The development of townships and a significant growth in population came as the city was proclaimed the capital of Bengal under Mughal rule in Mughal subahdar Islam Khan was the first administrator of the city.

Khan named the town "Jahangir Nagar" City of Jahangir in honour of the Mughal emperor Jahangiralthough this name was dropped soon after Jahangir's death. The main expansion of the city took place under Mughal general Shaista Khan. The city's population shrank dramatically during this period as the prominence of Kolkata rose, but substantive development and modernisation eventually followed. A modern civic water supply system was introduced in and electricity supply launched in The Dhaka Cantonment was established near the city, serving as a base for British and Indian soldiers.

During the abortive Partition of Bengal inDhaka was declared to be the capital of the newly established state of Eastern Bengal and Assambut Bengal was reunited in The rural areas under present Dhaka district, especially Dohar Upazila were used for the production of indigo. Following the partition of Bengal in appending the partition of British India inDhaka became the capital of East Bengal as a part of the new Muslim state of Pakistanwhile western part of Bengal with a majority Hindu population had become a part of the new and independent India, designated as West Bengal with Calcutta as state capital.

Calcutta witnessed communal violence that left thousands of people dead. A large proportion of the city's Hindu population departed for Indiawhile the city received hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants from Calcutta, India.

The city's population rose dramatically in a very short period of time, which created severe shortages and infrastructural problems.

The adoption of Urdu as the sole official language of Pakistan led to protest marches involving large crowds. Known as the language movement ofthe protests resulted in police firing which killed students who were demonstrating peacefully. The Bhola cyclone devastated much of the region, killing an estimatedpeople. More than half the city of Dhaka was flooded and millions of people marooned. An estimated one million people attended the gathering, leading to Ziaur Rahman 's 26 March declaration of Bangladesh's independence.It is the ninth-largest[11] and the sixth-most densely populated city in the world, [7] [12] with a population of 21, people in the Greater Dhaka Area.

Dhaka is the economic, political and cultural center of Bangladesh.

Dhaka Bangladesh Postal Codes

The city is located in an eponymous district and division. The area of Dhaka has been inhabited since the first millennium. The city rose to prominence in the 17th century as a provincial capital and commercial center of the Mughal Empire in South Asia. Dhaka was the capital of the proto-industrialised Mughal Bengal for 75 years. As the center of the muslin trade in Bengalit was one of the most prosperous cities in the Indian subcontinent.

The medieval city was named Jahangirabad in honor of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir and hosted the seat of the Mughal Subahdar governorNaib Nazims and Dewans prime ministers.

Medieval Dhaka's glory peaked in the 17th and 18th centuries, when it was home to merchants from across Eurasia.

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The Mughals decorated the city with well-laid out gardens, tombs, mosques, palaces and forts. The city was once called the Venice of the East.

It became an important administrative and educational center in Eastern Bengal and Assam after It was declared as the legislative capital of Pakistan in Init became the capital of an independent Bangladesh.

Article 5 of the Constitution of Bangladesh declares Dhaka as the capital of the republic. Dhaka is the financialcommercial and the entertainment capital of Bangladesh. Dhaka is now one of the most densely industrialized regions in the country. The Dhaka Stock Exchange has over listed companies. The city's culture is known for its cycle-rickshaws, cuisineart festivals and religious diversity.

The old city is home to around buildings from the Mughal and British periods, including notable structures such as the Bara Katra and Choto Katra caravansaries. The origins of the name for Dhaka are uncertain. Once dhak trees were very common in the area and the name may have originated from it. Alternatively, this name may refer to the hidden goddess Dhakeshwariwhose temple is located in the south-western part of the city.

Some references also say it was derived from a Prakrit dialect called Dhaka Bhasa; or Dhakka, used in the Rajtarangini for a watch-station; or it is same as Davaka, mentioned in the Allahabad pillar inscription of Samudragupta as an eastern frontier kingdom.

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The word Dhakka means watchtower. Bikrampur and Sonargaon —the earlier strongholds of Bengal rulers were situated nearby. So Dhaka was most likely used as the watchtower for the fortification purpose.

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All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Countries, States, and Cities. Wiki User The area of Dhaka District is 1, square kilometers. Area of Dhaka is : Bangladesh is 55, sq.

Dhaka, Bangladesh - km2. Asked in Bangladesh, Dhaka What is area of Dhaka metropolitan city? Dhaka covers a total area of Asked in Area, Dhaka How many square miles is Dhaka? The city of Dhaka has an area of Satendra Kumar Dhaka.

The country code and area code of Dhaka, Bangladesh is0 2.

dhaka district code

Asked in Bangladesh, Dhaka How big is Dhaka? The country code and area code of Dhaka- Motihari, India is 91, 0 Asked in Dhaka What is the area of dhaka city corporation? Transport are going there. When fresh water and electricity are there, people demands that area to be included under city corporation.

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