Hotpoint washer diagnostic mode


These fault codes are for top loading washers and front loading washers. This list may not include your specific error code. If you cannot find your washing machine brand and or error code below, go to the bottom of the page and ask us. We will be happy to assist you with your washing machine error code and can help you to troubleshoot your specific washing machine issue. If your washer error code is found below, this error list will tell you what part is faulty or has failed.

This list is based on the washing machine manufacturers list of error codes. Need assistance with finding an error code for your washer? Ask your question below and we will be happy to assist. Thank you Yigal. Checked level Checked hot water temperature.

Hi I do have a Defy top loader washing machine and my error code is E4. Please help. I replaced the pressure switch already. I have a Toshiba washing machine and it shows an error code of E5.

What does this error code mean? I have West point washing machine not workingshows some error led indication, could help about that.

Washing Machine Error Codes – Front Load and Top Load Washers

The machine starts filling with water and attempts to turn the drum. It makes a few attempts to turn and then it sounds like the heater element goes on as it sounds like it might be starting to heat the water but then the machine shuts down and displays fault E 11 and starts beeping. I was running a dryer cycle and it just stopped. I notice in the comments before that someone had asked about this but there was no reply.

I have a Pinnacle front load washer, starts to wash then stops, shows a Error code E5, what does this mean and how can I fix this,thank you.

F9 is coming on after Deep 1 completes and changes to spin. How do I fix that? Should I cancel the door switch and order a board?This is an economical choice with a narrow width that can fit into small laundry rooms.

This Hotpoint washer is not Energy Star certified, but it performs with decent energy efficiency. This is pretty standard for a washer of this size. This agitator-style top-load washer is smaller than most high-efficiency models.

However, this 3. There are 10 wash cycles with this unit and six temperature settings. This is more temperature options than you get with many other machines, and using the colder temp options can help you save on energy costs. With the Hotpointyou get the basic cycles, such as permanent press, colors and whites. Beyond that, you can choose light or heavy soil levels.

hotpoint washer diagnostic mode

Best dryers Large and small tumble dryers for every budget. Best front load washers Reliable washing machines for your kitchen or laundry room. One added feature is the power rinse, which you should select if you use fabric softener in your wash. You can also choose the load size, which comes with preset water levels; however, if you feel you need more water in your load of laundry, you can reset to fill the wash drum up more. As with most large appliances, you get a warranty that protects your washing machine from defective parts.

Competing units usually offer more coverage. Best Top-Load Washing Machines of Top Ten Reviews has reviewed the Best Top-Load Washing Machines of so that we're able to offer you the authoritative buying advice you expect.

Home Reviews. For The Tap Cold setting will save you on energy costs.

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Image 1 of 5. Image 2 of 5. Image 3 of 5. Image 4 of 5. Image 5 of 5.The Hotpoint brand is owned by two companies. The right to sell these appliances in Europe belongs to Whirlpool, while the General Electric holds North American rights.

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It is also worth to point out that General Electric agreed to sell its household appliance division to which Hotpoint belongs to an Italian company Merloni. The Hotpoint Electric Heating Company is known as a manufacturer of rather reliable washing machines. So it is not that often that they experience major problems.

If an issue occurs for instance, you washer is not spinningtry the solutions suggested in the tables below. These tables were created by washer repair experts.

They can be useful for both professional technicians and homeowners. The WDD is among the most well-known models of washer dryers manufactured by the multinational brand Hotpoint. It has a Child lock feature, which deactivates the control panel, and the Delay start button.

Also, the washing machine has a Memory button and a Standby mode, which is enabled after about half an hour if no activity is detected. The wash cycle does not start.

hotpoint washer diagnostic mode

The clothes are too hot when the drying cycle is finished. If the clothes appear too hot to handle leave the door open to allow to cool further before removing from the machine. The machine continuously fills with water and continually drains away or Water left in the drum or Stuck on wash. The machine does spin. To ensure the washing process is as efficient as possible, a user may vary settings according to the load size.

Hotpoint washer troubleshooting

Also, the model gives a chance to vary the water temperature for the wash and rinse cycles depending on the degree of soil. Use less soap if you have soft water, a smaller load, or a lightly' soiled load. Make sure end of drain hose Ls correctly inserted in and secured to drain facility. You may need to call a plumber.

Use less soap if you haw soft water, a smaller load, or a lightly soiled load. Use a brush or toothpick to clean the screens in the machine. Reconnect the hoses and turn the water back on. Controls are not set proper! Replace fuses or reset breaker.

Be sure to follow detergent manufacturers directions. If fabric label states wash separately, unstable dyes may be indicated. To level back of washer, lift back of machine 4" 11 cm and set down. This will release the adhesive easily, without damaging the surface of the washer.

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This wfl increase the programme time accordingly. Washer should have separate outlet. Pins, snaps, hooks, sharp buttons, belt buckles, zippers and sharp objects left in pockets.

Close the lid and restart.These error code explanations can help you diagnose a problem with your GE top-load washer. For repair how-to help, visit the PartsDirect repair help section, which includes repair help for washing machines, other major appliances, lawn and garden equipment, garage door openers, vacuum cleaners and more. Search for your model number to find a complete list of replacement parts for your washer. This error code chart covers GE top-load washers with an inverter control mounted on top of the drive motor.

The inverter control manages the speed and direction of the drive motor. The inverter control has a diagnostic LED just under the top metal cover on the right side of the inverter control. Remove the front cabinet panel of the washer to view the inverter control and diagnostic LED. Don't touch live electro-mechanical components inside the washer cabinet when running the washer with the front panel removed.

When the drive motor is operating normally, and idle, the LED blinks at a constant rate of 1 second on and 1 second off. The drive motor doesn't run and an error code is signaled when a component problem is detected. Error codes are signaled by a number of LED flashes followed by a pause. The error code repeats continuously until reset.

The component problem must be resolved and the inverter control reset before the motor can run. To reset the inverter control after the component problem is resolved, unplug the washer from the wall outlet until you hear a click when the inverter control capacitor discharges about 15 seconds. Plug the washer back into the outlet and then open and close the washer lid 5 times in a second period within the first 30 seconds of powerup. Unplug the washer and replace the drive belt if loose or damaged.

If the drive belt is okay, tighten the hub nut on the spin basket. Replace the drive motor if the drive belt and hub nut are okay.

Replace the drive motor; the inverter control is part of the drive motor and isn't sold separately. The mode shifter is a component on the drive shaft assembly. Reconnect the wire harness between the inverter control and the mode shifter if loose or disconnected. Replace the drive shaft assembly if the mode shifter is defective; the mode shifter is part of the drive shaft assembly and isn't sold separately.

Washer Troubleshooting Guide

Replace any drive system components that prevent the drive motor from rotating. If drive systems components are okay, replace the drive motor. The inverter control expects to see the lid switch open after every cycle. When 4 cycles are completed without the lid switch opening, the inverter control assumes that the lid switch is defective.Kenmore and Whirlpool replaced the common direct drive, top-load washer with the vertical modular top-load washer in The vertical modular washer VMW has a self-diagnostic system in the electronic control to help you figure out the cause if something goes wrong with the washer.

When a component in the washer fails, the washer stops working, and the lid lock light flashes. With the washer shut off and all indicator lights off, turn the control dial 1 complete rotation degrees counterclockwise.

Quickly within about 6 seconds turn the control dial 3 clicks clockwise, one click back, and one more click clockwise.

Hotpoint washer troubleshooting

The control displays up to 4 error codes. Just the Sensing light flashes if no error code was recorded. Error codes for the VMW washers see chart below have two parts: the first is the letter F followed by a number and the second is the letter E followed by a number.

Which lights are illuminated indicate the numbers. For example, for error code F5 E3, when the Sensing light is on, the Rinse 4 and the Cycle complete 1 lights are on. Then, when the sensing light is off, the Spin 2 and the Cycle complete 1 lights are on.

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The error code flashes repeatedly until you turn the dial one click clockwise to show the next error code. If the spin basket on your top-load washer is damaged, you can replace it with a new one. Just follow these step-by-step instructions. If there's water in your washer at the end of the spin cycle, the drain pump could be faulty. If the drain and drain hose are clear, you can follow these instructions to replace the drain pump.

Calibrate some washers models after replacing the control board, drive motor, motor capacitor or tub suspension springs. November 28, Entering diagnostic mode To determine the problem, first put the washer into diagnostic mode. All the green status lights blink when you successfully activate the diagnostic mode.

hotpoint washer diagnostic mode

Displaying the error code lights With the washer in diagnostic mode, follow these steps to display the error code lights: Turn the control dial 1 click clockwise. Press the Start button. Turn the control dial one click clockwise to display the first saved error code.Due to their high quality and many innovative technologies introduced. Still, even the high-quality appliances are probable to fail some day.

Considering all the possible failures of Bosch washing machines, we can enumerate the most typical ones:. According to the list of malfunctions, we can see that the most vulnerable part of LG machines is their heating element. Otherwise, you need to replace the controller, and only a specialist can carry out it properly. The system will show an error code or make the indicators blink to inform the user of a malfunction.

The design of the Bosch washing machine determines the nature of breakdowns as well as their causes. Let us consider the causes of failures. When you have identified the reason for the fault and estimated whether it is too complex or not, you can start the DIY repair of your Bosch Bosch washing machine. If you have not identified the failure and you do not know how to repair your washing machine, consult a professional.

After detecting the problem with the drain pump pumpthe drain filter or the water level switch pressure switchwe can carry out the repair. It does not require special knowledge or efforts. To clean or replace the drain pump pumpyou need to remove the front panel properly; you may need a manual for your Bosch washing machine.

In fact, it is not difficult; you still need to make an effort. To get closer to the pump remove the wiring of the lock assembly. Remove and disassemble the pump — it can have some objects and debris in it. If the pump is all right, the impeller turns easily in all directions.

Check the resistance of the winding of the pump. If the reading is different, the pump has failed and needs replacement. If the heater has fulfilled its service life, has overheated and burned out or the limescale has formed, the element needs replacement.

You can do it yourself quite easily. But first, you need to check it. It is easy to find the heater. Remove the back panel of the machine so that you can see the element at the bottom under the drum. Well, actually, you can see its shank with a screw in the center. To carry out this difficult task you need to disassemble the washer almost completely. If you venture to do it, do not remove all the wires from the electronic module, because you may not put them all in place eventually.

After removing the module, lay it on the frame or hang on a special hook. To make this hook get a centimeter piece of 3 mm steel wire. Put the shrink shrinking tube on the wire. The shrink should be at least 1 cm longer from each side than the wire. Hang the control board on it.

Search Search for:. Author: David Hoover.The GE washing machine has to have completed its last washer cycle and currently be idle to enter Test Mode. If the wash cycle was interrupted and cannot complete normally, manually drain the washer to reset the water level switch before trying to initiate Test Mode.

Do not attempt to exit Test Mode by disconnecting the power to the washer. Disconnecting power while in Test Mode will lock the washer. General Electric GE washers generate error codes when malfunctions are detected by the machine's on-board circuitry. These error codes can be used to troubleshoot washer operation and can help pinpoint failed components.

GE washers will save the last 10 error codes to be used for service diagnostics. You can retrieve these codes by accessing the machine's Test Mode. Test Mode is initiated by pressing a sequence of buttons on the washer's control panel.

Press the "Power" button on your GE washer. Any current cycles on the control panel will be cleared. The control panel display must be blank to proceed.

GE , Hotpoint & RCA Washer not spinning properly & clothes are wet at end of cycle

Plug the power cord back in to the GE washer. Within 30 seconds of restoring power to the washing machine, press the "Signal" button, press the "Delay Start" button, press the "Signal" button, the press "Delay Start" button again. The washer door will lock, and the control panel will display "t01" when it has successfully entered Test Mode. Press "Delay Start" to advance to "t02".

The control panel will display the most recent error code. Kyle McBride has been writing professionally since Her articles have appeared in various online publications, covering topics such as computers, home construction, travel and auto repair. McBride also holds an associate degree in computer networking from Strayer University. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Tip The GE washing machine has to have completed its last washer cycle and currently be idle to enter Test Mode.

Warning Do not attempt to exit Test Mode by disconnecting the power to the washer. Step 1 Press the "Power" button on your GE washer. Step 2 Unplug the power cord for at least 30 seconds. Step 3 Plug the power cord back in to the GE washer.